Industry Overview


The Heat treatment industry has become a huge market all around the world. Heat treatment is a combination of operations involving the heating, holding and cooling of metal in the solid state for the purpose of obtaining certain desirable metallurgical properties or surface modification.
Globally, a large number of different industries besides the automotive sector use heat treatment in their everyday processes —industries like heavy construction machinery, aerospace, mining, metalworking, and the tool and die sectors to name a few. The heat treatment market only seems to be getting bigger and better. One of the greatest statistics regarding the heat treatment industry is that a majority of industry operators are smaller businesses that serve local and regional markets, and there are thousands of such companies that specialize in a particular segment of the industry, showing just how diverse and how much depth there is in this industry.

The global metal heat treatment market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.16% during the period 2016-2020.


  • An increasing number of furnace manufacturers.
  • An increasing usage of vacuum heat treatment technology
  • An increasing number of double and multi-chamber vacuum furnaces.
  • Increasing digitalisation of the heat treatment operations.
  • Globalization of heat treatment standards, procedures, processes and furnace designs.
  • Replacement of furnaces and technologies that generate high CO2 pollution. Increasing importance of brazing, PM sintering and processes with shorten heat treatment cycle.
  • Increasing the importance of Nano and Thermo/Chemical Surface Modification processes. Replacement and modification of quenching mediums – Nano
  • quenchants, oil mist and vegetable oil.
  • Growing influence of 3 D Printing – Additive Manufacturing
  • New Sources of Heat – Rotational Magnetic, Active Screen Plasma, Microwave, Laser and Infrared Heating.
  • Increasing sizes of sealed quench furnaces and thus decreasing usage of ceramic fiber insulation.